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Belladonna n.

1. deadly nightshade

2. "beautiful woman" in Italian

Life has been an endless cycle of heartbreaks and false hope, but maybe - just maybe - tonight will be different.

Can you find salvation in this nonlinear horror VN about passions and sins with 13+1 endings?


This game contains sensitive content, flashing lights, coarse language, and more. There is no screaming sound nor explicit sexual content.

This game uses Ren'Py, whose browser version is still in BETA. For best experience, please use the DOWNLOADABLE versions.

If you are getting an error message about the DATABASE, please verify whether you have enabled 3rd-party cookies or try using a different browser.


1. Go to the game's Preferences.
2. Click on Fullscreen.
3. Click anywhere in the game window.

You'll be in fullscreen.

1. To exit, go to Preferences.
2. Click Window.

You'll exit fullscreen.


Story by Button Cupcake and Chisera

Code, script (incl. cinematography design), and UI by Button Cupcake

Art and editing by Chisera (Check out her Facebook for more gorgeous art!)

A game submitted for the Spooktober 3rd Annual Visual Novel Jam by DevTalk (Ratings greatly appreciated!)


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In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Belladonna for Android/Huawei 141 MB
Belladonna for Linux 124 MB
Belladonna for Mac 117 MB
Belladonna for Windows 152 MB

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hello! wow, what a nice game!

Aww, thank you so much!


Button Cupcake, I found the game idea very good and very interesting, I wanted to know two things about the game, the first thing is if there will be a mobile version for the game in the Google Play Store, the second thing is if the game will also have on steam.


Aw, thanks! The game doesn't have a mobile version for Google Play, but it does have one on itch, in the download options. It's not on Steam either, unfortunately.

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Hey, I saw that you might be interested in a Spanish version. Could I help too? ^^

Hey! Thank you for the interest! Please DM me on Twitter ( @buttoncupcake1 ) or Discord (Button Cupcake#6264).


Just sent you a friend request!

Just accepted!


Is there any spanish version in the making? :0

Not yet, but if anyone is willing to help out with the translation, feel free to contact us!


Oh, well I speak spanish born and raised that way I would be happy to help if you would want!

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Sounds cool. Do you have a Twitter or Discord? 

Feel free to DM us on Twitter ( @buttoncupcake1 ) or Discord (Button Cupcake#6264).


Hi I'm from Brazil, I can translate this game to my language if you want, voluntarily of course.

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Hey! Thank you for the interest. Do you have a Twitter or a Discord?


My discord: Androidos#0454


Just sent a friend request!


How long is the game may I ask?

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It can greatly vary. As a general rule, without the walkthrough, it takes about 2 hours to get to the true ending.


Okay, thank you very much for your time Button Cupcake. I would have never guessed that 😁👍


You're welcome! Thank you for the interest!


this game is so cool i love it so much im going to cry also i totally did not have to look at the walk through at all because i kept getting the first two endings totally


yeah i agre

Thank you so much for playing our game! Hope you got to the true ending ;)


Really enjoyed the art and the atmosphere of this game. Always fun to see a non-linear storyline. Thanks for sharing.

And thank you for the lovely feedback!


What a cool game, but there's one thing I wanted to ask you, could you add the language in Brazilian Portuguese?

Hey there! 

Thank you for the suggestion. It'd definitely make the game more accessible. 

However, we do not know anyone who can translate this into Brazilian Portuguese. If anyone is willing to help out, feel free to contact us.


hey i can translate it


This was absolutely lovely~! I was planning on only grabbing a few endings and coming back after I played more jam games, but I couldn't put it down once I started.

The art is gorgeous, the way the endings unlock further endings is very interesting, and the little hints that tie everything? Perfection!

Thank you for working so hard on this beautiful game!


And thank you for going through so many endings of our game!

We're very glad it has kept you hooked and that you love our art.

Have fun with the other games too! I can see that devs have poured their souls in them <3


i love the aesthetic of the game :)) it's great

Thanks! Glad you do ;)


The aesthetic is so cool. My mind is being blown right now. That was a crazy twist. i have to admit, I used the walkthrough for the password ahahaha. For my first try, I just wanted to be nice to the waitress and immediately got a quick ending ahahha. That was a wild ride. I thought I was crazy when some scenes changed whenever I restarted, but that was a dope thing to do! It's so cool

Haha, I think most people were trying to be nice until... XD 

We're so glad you liked the visuals and the plot/format! Thank you for trying this out <3


This was really well done - the audio and artwork were superb, and I loved how all the different story threads came together for the "real" ending! In case you want to watch the VOD back from my stream it's saved here:


We are glad you enjoyed this! Thank you for all the insightful feedback.


Such an interesting game! I love the art and the storyline is pretty unique.  Great work! ;)


Awww thank you so much for trying this out!